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Welcome to Fluid Tech Machines, Inc.

Fluid Tech Machines, Inc. began its sales operation on 2006 in Chicago, IL. Its sister company, Lantz Teknik AB located in Sweden have developed machines, production and quality systems for customers who maintain very high standards for their production. On October 2011, FTM moved to Greenville, SC and added technical and service support the sales activities with future plans for a full engineering and manufacturing operations.

We specialize in production processes that are not fully automatable. By engineering and designing machines with intelligence that are able to work on multiple processes within the same cycle, we will improve your management activities and reduce production space while ensuring a better and safer operation. Today we are among the best in the business with unique, proprietary technology.

We constantly strive to improve on ourselves, our work and of course our products.

In order to achieve best results, resourcefulness, knowledge and working very closely with the client are a must so that together we reach the set goals and objectives.


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