Crimping systems

Standard crimper with dual openable crimp heads

This standard crimper comes with two hydraulic, openable crimp heads. Insertion of tubes into the hose is done with electric servos with force monitoring. This guarantees that the tubes are inserted correctly prior to crimping.

This machine is top of the line when it comes to productivity, process control and availability. Statistics etc are included.

Height adjustable table, illumination, central lubrication and integrated tube lubrication stations are some of the standard features of this machine.

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Crimper for AC tubes

Machine as above but separated into two independent sections for crimping of AC lines with preformed hoses. The machine comes with stations for expanding and lubricating the hoses before insertion. Vision cameras make sure the tube and seals are in place before crimping.

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Pneumatic crimper LPR 3225E

This pneumatic crimper is used for simpler crimping where an openable head isn't needed. Usually delivered with a system that verifies the hose, socket and any eventual flow restrictor.

This machine is basic, small and only requires a pneumatic connection and 230V single phase power and can be delivered with either a horizontal or vertical head.

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