Measurement & Vision Systems

Profile measurement of formed tube ends

This machine comes with telecentric optics which results in a uniform scale across the entire image. With the use of telecentric lighting this machine is completely immune to any light from the environment. Easily measure diameters, radii, angles, distances etc and get a PASS/FAIL. Statistics with CP/CPK and all measured values are presented live on the screen and is available for export at any time. Simple to program.

Loaded manually or by robot. When a faulty part is detected the part is held in place until the operators confirms.

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Profile measurement with rotation and tube length measurement

Machine as above but with automatic measurement and rotation of the tube to detect circular deviations. Also measures length deviation on tubes L=300-1500 mm. Simply drop the tube into a V-slot and the machine will do the rest. Good and bad tubes exit the machine on different sides.

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Office version of our profile measurement system

Comes with the same camera and optics as our industrial versions but with a normal office computer and without a control system. The software produces the same kind of statistics as the machines above.

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